Home Economy McDonald’s: Special orders are no longer possible? confusion among customers

McDonald’s: Special orders are no longer possible? confusion among customers

McDonald’s: Special orders are no longer possible?  confusion among customers

McDonald’s: No more possible specials for orders? confusion among customers

Burger King vs McDonald’s – Fast Food Giants Comparison

Burger King vs McDonald’s – Fast Food Giants Comparison

What is the difference between the two fast food giants McDonald’s and Burger King?

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That would be the customer from McDonald’s Apparently he wanted quite differently.

What is the matter? At the heart of the excitement shows McDonald’s, one special request or another and an angry customer. But one by one.

McDonald’s: Ask for confusion

Most McDonald’s customers will know it, and many customers will use it regularly: when ordering meals, customers can make certain special requests.

Some people may not like the cucumber in their burger, so they order burgers without the option. The other doesn’t like onions in another burger, and the other wishes he didn’t salt the fries.

Some McDonald’s customers believe that by crafting such a special order, they are increasing the likelihood of getting a fresh burger because it hasn’t been made yet with all the special orders.

But it’s not always that easy: adding extra toppings to the burger. A customer recently had this experience again and complained on the company’s Facebook page: “Why can you just uncheck everything from the extensions but nothing extra? To be specific: ie the extra option!”


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McDonald’s explains the situation

No sooner had the customer crafted their order than McDonald’s replied, “We have some burgers that can be customized with ever-changing ingredients. Many of our guests appreciate the fact that they know exactly what they’re getting from us—the delicious products we prepare according to standard recipes and with specific ingredients. This ensures that their favorite burgers are Our guests taste the same in every one of our restaurants.”

Moreover: “This is why it is not always possible to customize all types of burgers, for example, with different ingredients. But in general, there are already some products that you can also add ingredients to and not just cancel them.”

Another customer explains the products in question: “Bigger burgers like BigMac or Royal Cheese are good. You can increase the ingredients already on it, for example plus bacon or jalapenos. Only with smaller burgers (like cheese burgers) there are no extras. Maybe one day What “.

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