Stuttgart continues to slide

Modeste Retrieved 1. FC Köln too late

For a long time VfB Stuttgart 1. seems to be bravely tackling a balance in FC Köln. But the Swabians did the math without Anthony Modeste. The striker strikes too late and, unlike the early ones, it passes the video test. The first half of the season ends badly for Stuttgart.

1. FC Cologne bid farewell to the Bundesliga winter break with a win, and under Stephen Palmcord, the best in the first half of the season in five years. At the end of the 17th match, FC VFP beat Stuttgart 1-0 (0-0), with Anthony Modeste (88th) ending the season with his eleventh goal late this season.

“Today we had the opportunity to finish the first half of the season. Today we did it,” said Kingsley Schindler of Cologne, who hit the decisive page on DAZN on Modeste: “I’m glad I was able to contribute something.”

The Cologne team, almost outscored from the previous season, has 25 points after 17 days and has a solid eight-point gap in the exit zone at Christmas. It starts with VfB, the Swabians (17) occupy the 16th ranking.

For both teams, this game was not only the end of the year, but also a vision for the next match: looking down, three points would make a big difference, and a win would significantly change the starting position of the second half of the season.

So both teams relied on their proven game from the start and tried to win the ball in the opposite half so it went back and forth quickly. Omar Marmoush finished for Stuttgart in the 2nd minute, while Cologne Anthony Modeste scored in the 3rd minute – however, Florian Kainz had previously played the ball with his hand.

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Two initial goals were denied

The game can now be divided into phases: sometimes Stuttgart pressing is a favorite, sometimes cologne, but initially the hosts are very dangerous. In the 10th minute, 15,000 fans cheered again and Louis Shop scored brilliantly from a serious angle. This time the video assistant recognized the offsite status.

However, towards the break, similar attitudes on both sides ensured that nothing happened in the penalty areas, and both teams were caught again. Only Modestin (41st) header had a chance to score until the whistle.

The picture did not change after the break. Stuttgart looked a bit strong at first, but Palmcord strengthened his attack with Mark Utah, and as a result, FC were overweight again – but that was it: no chances to score.

VfB coach Pellegrino Matarazzo wished him success. The Cologne team is now close to the goal, with Modeste scoring twice (58./73.) Very accurately. Shortly before the end, he does it even better – headlining for the eighth time this season.


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