Home Top News Lion star with a creative solution: Schalke is not in the jersey

Lion star with a creative solution: Schalke is not in the jersey

Lion star with a creative solution: Schalke is not in the jersey

Leo star with creative solution
Schalke is not in the jersey

Sascha Mölders is in his own area of ​​his career. That is obvious. When he sprints, but because the jersey is a little tighter now. The many kilos of the cult striker of 1860 Munich will always be an issue. But not after the game against Schalke. The 36-year-old has been creating different headlines. First in the field, then in the microphone.

In the second round of the trophy, Mölders was able to surprise the DFB trophy with his “lion”. Third Division Second Division FC Schalke 04 knocked out. Gelsenkircheners has been in good condition recently and is a favorite. The Lions played their guests with great enthusiasm – and were rewarded. Mölders did not score for the 1-0 victory, which was disturbed by Stephen Lex, but the old man in the storm rubbed himself and again engaged in dangerous actions.

He had set the first important accent of the game. The captain, who took the ball from Targo Surlino with strong effort, passed Lex, who beat Schalke goalkeeper Ralph Forman. The aggressive sixties continued, with Lex’s shot hitting the crossbar (22nd). On Twitter, the Molders received recognition from some Schalke fans.

Of course not. Because Mölders calls himself “Essener Jung”. And in the pot, you don’t want your football neighbor. So Mölders did not like Schalke. After the Sky conspiracy, he revealed that he especially enjoyed this success. There he also explained why he stuck the word Schalke on his shirt. The cup jersey is printed with the attachment above the chest. The casual announcement of a 36-year-old man: “I’m a guy from Esan, and it’s hard for me when Schalke is in my jersey. That’s why I taped it.”

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