Lufthansa: Unexpectedly high demand for business travel

The demand for business trips is outstripping the expectations and plans of Lufthansa, which is also adjusting its forecast accordingly.

Lufthansa is currently experiencing a huge boom among business travelers. This leads to the fact that the demand exceeds even the plans of the crane, which must now react. However, the company sees this as a “positive trend” rather than a problem, as mentioned. In addition, Lufthansa now expects the increased demand to continue until the end of the year and to consolidate next year.

Business trips ‘come back faster and stronger’ than expected

Lufthansa is still on the rise. And even in an area the crane wasn’t expecting to make a comeback any time soon. The airline is currently experiencing a “positive trend” among business travelers, with demand for them exceeding expectations, and thus also preparations by Lufthansa. Of course, Lufthansa chief Carsten Spohr didn’t miss this either. Spor told Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung that business trips “returned faster and stronger” than expected.

Cropped Lufthansa Airbus A321 new livery
The demand for business trips exceeds Lufthansa’s plans.

Now the crane has also adjusted its forecast accordingly and Lufthansa now assumes that the trend will continue until the end of the year. Spohr is also sure of this: the crane boss does not expect a “sudden drop” in demand in the winter. The reopening of the USA, scheduled for the 8th of November, should also benefit Lufthansa and ensure increased demand in the business travel segment. But there is currently a resurgence among business travelers, particularly within Europe.

This means that Lufthansa has had to use larger or additional aircraft in many ways. In some cases, the roads were serviced hourly in order to meet the demand. Looking to the future, the group expects that demand will also strengthen. Of course, this should also have a positive impact on financial losses, which, according to Lufthansa, will “only” reach ten percent, “or even less”, in the medium term.

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Conclusion on the demand for business travel in Lufthansa

Things are going well at Lufthansa. And it seems to do quite unexpectedly well in the business travel segment. Even demand is outpacing the crane plans, which now have to react to the upswing. However, the company sees this as less of a problem than a “positive trend” that the company hopes will continue. Because now Lufthansa has also adjusted its forecast in line with the trend. One can only hope it isn’t set too high.


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