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With “Cowboy Bebop,” a new series will be released on Netflix in mid-November. Get all the info about the beginning, episodes, cast, plot and trailer here.

A new edition will follow Netflix: With “Cowboy Bebop”, an anime series from the late ’90s will be filmed on Netflix. It will be published on the live streaming service from mid-November and will be broadcast over ten episodes.

When can you watch the series? Who is playing? – We’ll tell you. Here in our article we have all the information about the beginning, episodes, cast, plot and official trailer for you.

All About “Cowboy Bebop”: Get Started on Netflix

From Friday, November 19, 2021, the new Netflix series “Cowboy Bebop” can be watched. A total of ten episodes are published once on the streaming service, then always available.

Netflix is ​​a paid platform. According to the service provider, the monthly costs are currently €11.99.

These are the episodes of “Cowboy Bebop”

There will be a total of ten episodes of the “Cowboy Bebop” remake. The names of the individual episodes have not yet been published – neither in English nor in German. As soon as there is news on this topic, we will add it to the article.

These actors are in the cast on Cowboy Bebop: The cast

There are a total of ten actors who embody the characters’ personalities. We have summarized for you the roles and their occupations here:

Job the actor
Spike Spiegel John Chu
brutal Alex Hassell
jet black Mustafa Shaker
Faye Valentine Daniela Pineda
Julia Elena Satine
a branch Mason Alexander park
I Tamara Tony
mao Rachel House
bronchus Ann Trung
flexible Hua Xuande
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This is what ‘Cowboy Bebop’ on Netflix is ​​all about: The Plot

“Cowboy Bebop” is a remake of an anime series from the 90’s. The series revolves around the unfortunate bounty hunter Spike and his companion Jet, who are traveling between different planets. This way they get to know other companions: Faye Valentine, Radical Edward and a dog.

In the future there will be a ring system that will enable humanity to discover new worlds, but a flaw will cause the system to collapse, which will result in a piece of the moon orbiting the Earth as a dangerous asteroid belt.

Various meteor impacts make the Earth uninhabitable and disperse people into the solar system. 50 years later, Spike enters the scene with his ship Bebop and his new crew.

Trailer for “Cowboy Bebop” on Netflix

A trailer for “Cowboy Bebop” was released on Netflix in October, and you can watch it here:


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