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Ford is focusing more on electric mobility

Ford is focusing more on electric mobility

Ford was late with electric commuting, but now he wants to put more pressure on him. That means more investments by 2025. So far, $ 22 billion has been budgeted, but now it should be more than $ 30 billion.

There’s also a reason for this, because Ford is planning two new electric platforms. One is for “regular” SUVs, vans and other electric cars. The second model then needs to be planned for larger Ford models, both of which will significantly reduce costs in the future.


Ford F150 Lightning Head

For more compact electric cars, Volkswagen and the MEB platform will continue to be used, even after 2023. It doesn’t seem worth developing its own platform, so Ford continues to rely on Volkswagen.

Through IonBoost, they also want to make sure battery costs are reduced and Ford (like BMW) assumes that solid-state batteries will also be installed in electric vehicles by the end of the decade.

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