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1. FC Köln – SV Elversberg: Match Test in the Live Streaming Tape


1. FC Köln meets regional league club SV Elversberg in Bad Durheim. Watch the game here in the live bar.

Bad Durheim. At the end of the training camp in Donaueschingen, 1. FC Köln awaits another test match: On Saturday (24 July, 5 pm), Steffen Baumgart (49) will face SV Elversberg.

After the 3-2 victory over Bayern Munich and the 2-0 victory over Schaffhausen, this is the third preparatory match in the framework of the FC camp. Then on Sunday we will return to Cologne.

1. FC Köln – SV Elversberg in the live tape

1. FC Koeln: T Horn (46 Swabian) – Ezebo, Hubers (46 Ozkan), Chichus (Mirih 46), Schmitz (Schindler 46) – Ljubicic (Schéri 46) – Keynes (46 Schaub), Hector – Oth (60 Limberl) – Tillmann (46) Duda) Modest (Anderson 60)

rip: 0:1 Karger (14.), 1:1 Ehizibue (28.), 2:1 modest (43.)

Follow the Test match 1. FC Köln vs SV Elversberg here in the live tape:

60: Double change at FC club: Anderson and Limberle come to Modest and Youth.

58: It should have been 3:1. First Modesti is attacking, then Ozkan is in the penalty area past the ball.

55: FC comes over Schaub, and Ösi places the ball to the right on Schindler, who becomes a cross on goal. But goalkeeper Christophe pays attention and avoids the corner kick. Only the goalkeeper ends up in the net.

48: Schwab crosses, but Modest cannot reach.

46: The game continues with seven new players: Schwänke, Schindler, Meré, Skhiri, Duda, Ozcan and Schaub are now in the game. Hector moves into the four-way defensive line as a left-back, with Oth and Modest storming out front.

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half time

45: Important for Modest, who recently awarded an award to some first-class players against Schaffhausen. FC takes the lead in the cabin.

2: 1 for 1. FC Köln

43: The next corner makes the deserved lead 2-1. Modest meets, and the preparatory work came naturally from Kainz.

43: Wonderful parade of Elversbergs Kristof! He catches a shot from Hubers from the corner.

41: A good pass from Kainz to Thielmann, who handles the ball in the penalty area but is not good enough, eventually clings to the goalkeeper.

38: Oth catches the next idle ball and finds Modesty in the penalty area. French head.

37: Time and time again the benchmarks from Kainz. And now really dangerous! Elversberg goalkeeper Christophe saves Hector’s header after a sharp free kick from Oasis.

34: Kainz’s free kick from half of the field gives FC another corner kick. Then Elversberg hits back, but Chekos grabs the ball in his team’s penalty area and commits a foul.

1. FC Equal Cologne

28: He is sitting! Kainz and Easy seem to have a special connection to corner kicks today, as the right-back scores 1:1 with a header and makes up for his foul.

27: Same match again, but the ball is now deflected. So the next angle…

25: This time, Kainz puts a corner in the box, and heads easy over it.

23: Kainz cross pass from the right half of the field. The ball shoots off past enemies and friends, but also bypasses the correct post.

1-0 to SV Elversberg

14: The goal was 1-0 for the loser by Nico Karger who hit the ball into the right corner just before the penalty area. Ehizibue in particular, who was knocked out of the match by a one-two in the opposing inning, was no good.

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13: Nice gesture: Baumgart is wearing a Wilder South fan club scarf today. These are sold in the stadium for the benefit of flood victims.

11: The first high profile! Modeste sends Tillman into the alley, he is free in front of the gate, but his pitch lacks strength and accuracy.

9: Take the lead, slowly heat up.

7 .: Kainz takes the first corner from the left, and misses the easy.

4: Uth with the first close distance, the ball crosses the right post.

3: Elversberg first in forward gear, deflected the wing and landed in Horn.

1: The game has begun!


4:58 pm: Football club professionals step onto the lawn. Elversberg plays in wine red and wears white shirts – probably because FC is wearing black and both shirts will be dark. There is a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the flood disaster.

4:54 pm: Today’s Cologne opponent is considered one of the best in Regionalliga Südwest. SV Elversberg finished last season in second place and narrowly missed the climb.

4.49 pm: The stadium is not as full as it was last Sunday against Schaffhausen. Maybe it’s because of the mediocre weather forecast…

4.45 m: Welcome from Salinenstadion in Bad Dürrheim. FC starts with this team: T. Horn – Ehizibue, Hübers, Czichos, Schmitz – Ljubicic – Kainz, Hector – Uth – Thielmann, Modeste


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