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The criticism of the G7 summit in Cornwall is not enough

The criticism of the G7 summit in Cornwall is not enough

Good morning, dear readers,

A few days ago I was in the office for the long haul for the first time in over six months. I met some colleagues there for a workshop. Of course we worked remotely with an open window, but we also discussed things peacefully and laughed over and over between them.

This worked really well because the others weren’t just lighter, sometimes darker tiles on the screen, but they were just sitting on the horizon.

If you want to say something, you don’t always start talking to another person at the same time because everyone was looking at their colleagues’ facial expressions.

And yes, everyone was more focused because they didn’t have to look at the camera all the time.

In the end I thought: We wouldn’t have done much in a virtual session. Meanwhile, there could have been much less real exchange. This often gives the meeting a special dynamism.

We have now spoken of subjects far below the “problem of the world” category. As the job title suggests, this often varies with heads of state and government. as with G7– top in Cornwall End of this week. I also discussed this with my colleague Mark Krueger at audio notation Talk. Listen.

International Summits – whether G7, G20 Or other formats – they do not have the best reputation among many citizens: lavish meetings are considered expensive, overrated, and now harmful to the climate. One does not have to view this criticism as completely wrong in order to arrive at a different judgment anyway.

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After all, similar rules apply to relationships in major politics as in private and professional life. And there too, it’s always better to talk to each other than not to talk. And confidence can only develop if you sit face to face at least occasionally. In the best case scenario, this creates a personal energy from which something grows.

There are also personal encounters that you can't really miss: Angela Merkel with Donald Trump at the G7 summit in 2018 (Source: Imago Images)There are also personal encounters that you can’t really miss: Angela Merkel with Donald Trump at the G7 summit in 2018 (Source: Imago Images)

Of course it applies to them Advisor or the US Presidents The same for the employees of a German or American company: you will save yourself a lot of trips and personal meetings in the future because things can be clarified easily via video conferencing. But when it comes to something really important, like a frank and honest exchange, you’ll continue to meet in person whenever possible.

Because true convergence cannot replace DSL, no matter how fast.

Whoever you see this weekend in any way: make something out of it! On Monday, Florian Harms will write to you again at this point.

is yours

Sven Bol
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