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VfL Osnabrück’s outfield game at MSV Duisburg was canceled when the score was 0-0 on Sunday. There were racist insults against VfL professional Aaron Oboku from the audience stand. Duisburg police have filed a complaint against a 55-year-old man.

It took 33 minutes when Oboku rushed to take a corner. There were violent insults against the 22-year-old from the Duisburg Grandstand at the time. Teammates and opponents rushed to Oboku’s aid. Referee Nicolas Winter (Freckenfeld) initially sent both teams into the dressing room. “VfL Osnabrück had a corner kick, after which he heard a noise from the monkey stand,” Winter told MagentaSport. The jury responded directly. The player was shocked and did not respond. The referee was abused by the monkey noise in the winter match statement.

Report filed – determined by state security

The accused offender was quickly identified with the help of other onlookers and taken off the field. Police immediately registered a complaint that evening and questioned witnesses and the suspect. According to witness reports, the 55-year-old observer exclaimed, “Monkey can’t shoot corners anyway!” Called the direction of Oboku. The accused admitted to the police that he had uttered this sentence, but he was referring to another Osnabrook player who was ready to take the corner.

The 55-year-old, previously unknown to police, was later allowed to go home. The state security of the police in Duisburg has been informed. Further investigations are ongoing.

MSV Duisburg: “Lowest point in our club history”

It is a novelty that a game was dropped in one of the first three German divisions after a racist incident. The team and officials gathered in the cabin wing for more than 30 minutes and decided that the Third Division match would not continue. Incidents saw the VfL players find themselves unable to continue the game. “VfL Osnabrück – it’s understandable – can no longer compete, the boy is fixed and everyone, the whole team is done, and we are honest even after this incredible incident,” said MSV spokesman Martin Halderman. Halderman said the incident was “a low point in the history of our club”.

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“We can not accept that. Aaron is finished and can no longer play,” said VfL managing director Michael Welling. By not playing consistently, the club wanted to document that “we did not accept it”. According to Welling, MSV player Leroy Quadro was also racially abused.

“We only create slogans by sticking slogans on T-shirts. We have to react when something like this happens. We should not accept it in football and the community.”
Michael Welling

MSV apologized for the incident, saying it was “no-go”. While the group was in the dressing room, many in the audience shouted “Nazis, get out!” Chanted. The band “Die Ärzte” played the anti-fascist song “Schrei nach Liebe” under the control of the stadium.

The scoring of the game is still open

The governing body of the German Football Association (DFB) announced that evening that it would begin an investigation after the cancellation. The rating of the game will be decided later by the DFB Sports Court. “We agree with our colleagues in Duisburg that we want this to be done again,” Welling commented. After all, it is “a social problem”.

Support for Obok from many clubs

Opoku also received the support of several associations in Germany. VfL Osnabrück’s tweet “Aaron, we’re standing behind you!” Many clubs like Borussia Mönchengladbach, Hertha BSC or 1. FSV Mainz 05 have joined. “Absorbs racism. Everywhere!” Hoffenheim wrote in 1899, while SC Freiberg tweeted: “No room for racism!” It also read in SV Werter Bremen: “Clear margin against racism!”

DFB: “Racists have no business on football fields”

Associations, officials and politicians reacted with horror to the incidents. “All German footballers have long had a clear and uncompromising stance against any form of racism.

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Boris Pistorius: “Incidents like this are absolutely disgusting.”

Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) also called the reaction in the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” a “better and more uniform reaction from both the spectators and the two teams who said we would not continue playing.” He believed that the culprit would face “the full seriousness of justice.”

“He expected a game to be dropped too early,” former professional Jimmy Hardwick, DFB’s ambassador for Fair Play, told NDR: “Now it has happened and especially in Dஸ்பsburg, which is home to multiculturalism. They do not even know what they are doing.

Jimmy Hardwick at the Sports Club

Video: Jimmy Hardwick abandons game: “The Most Important Sign” (2 min)

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