Home Tech Final look: The new SciFi shooter appears in Prime Matter

Final look: The new SciFi shooter appears in Prime Matter

Final look: The new SciFi shooter appears in Prime Matter
the final form

Reikon Games is working on a brand new title under the new Koch Media label Prime Matter. Source: Koch Media, Reikon Games

Today, Koch Media is introducing some of the upcoming games in its Koch Gaming PrimeTime stream, which is part of this year’s publisher E3 program.

Among other things, a new game was shown, which is currently being developed in cooperation with Reikon Games. A brand new IP based on the original Reikon design has been announced.

The first taste of the game, which is currently the working title Final Form It was shown in a trailer as part of Jeff Quigley’s Summer Games Festival on June 10, 2021.

Final look trailer

This is what the final look is all about

Final Form (action title) is a science fiction FPS game that takes the player on an action-packed adventure as an avatar of a delicate spaceship. The mission extends beyond the edge of the known universe in a race against an unstoppable plague to protect the last celestial being, the essence of life and creation.

Great title from Prime Matter

The game was one of the major discoveries in the process of announcing the creation of Prime Matter, a new gaming franchise from Koch Media. Koch Media will distribute the title both physically and digitally across computers and console platforms.

Magdalena Tomkovic iPhone Recon games:

“Developing this game is like going back to our roots. Final Form has been simmering and growing for a long time, inspired by our passion to explore the unknown and fueled by artwork that depicts the potential future of humanity, the civilization we call our civilization, and beyond. We look forward to revealing more of FF, and its moves. and its bloody battles, stunning environments, and a grim universe. The main focus of our work is on the spirit of the game.”

More on Prime Matter:

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