Whatsapp: Messenger will soon be used on another mobile device

Whatsapp messaging service users will soon be able to use the service on another mobile device. According to Wabetainfo’s own blog, this requires you to link your Whatsapp account to the second device – another Android phone or tablet – by scanning a QR code. It is not clear when the mobile functionality will come from Android devices. This innovation has also been in the works for iOS tablet users for some time.

It is currently possible to connect a Whatsapp account to a desktop computer. Beta testers (multiple beta devices) can also associate their Whatsapp account with more than one device.

In addition to the mentioned updates, According to Webinfo A scanning functionality for Whatsapp groups for desktop is currently being developed. In the future this should also be possible To respond to other people’s stories with a heart, laughter, gossip, smiley & company. Whatsapp also announced itself a few weeks ago that it is working on communities.



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