Western Regional League: Fortuna Cologne beat Borussia Münster

cologne –

With a 3:2 (1:1) win in the Western Regional League Manhunt duel against Bryusen Munster, the SC Fortuna Köln players met the first set. In an exciting but not first-class duel, Sacha Marquet put the home team ahead at Südstadion (17), before Jules Schwadorf (43) realized.

After the break, Dominic Lanios shocked his former club and headed Fortuna after a corner kick leading 2-1 (72). Francis Obabweke scored the double hit 3-1 (75th place). It finally got hot again after the Denise Bendman 2:3 (83) connection. Fortuna Munster survived the last attack with fighting spirit and luck.

After three defeats in the last four matches, the U-21 team of 1. FC Köln achieved a similarly good victory over FC Wajberg-Beck. Florian Dietz brought visiting Mark Zimmermann’s team to the front after 11 minutes, and they lasted until the final whistle at Waldstadion. alw

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