Lenny's regular job while on vacation: Heidi Klum's daughter worked as an ice cream seller

Lenny’s regular leave job
Heidi Klum’s daughter worked as an ice cream seller

While the sons of other celebrities spend their holidays in heaven or on their parents’ luxury yacht, model Heidi Klum has other plans for her 17-year-old daughter, Lenny: Despite a successful debut in “Vogue,” the young model says: Do you like the special ice cream? Your in the waffle or in the cup? “

No one expected this holiday job for Heidi Klum’s daughter: Lenny Klum earned her money during the summer holidays as an ice cream seller on the American chain Happy Ice. Did that lead to a dispute at Klum’s house? At 17, Lenny would definitely have preferred to go out for ice cream on vacation than sell it herself, right?

Apparently not, because Lenny posted these sweet words on her Instagram channel: “Thank you for the best summer job. I had so much fun and can’t wait to get myself and order the soft pineapple and mango ice cream, this is my favourite.” The 17-year-old seems to have done well, because at least the company also commented on its post: “We’ll miss you behind the ice cream counter.”

Mother Heidi is satisfied

Mama Heidi also looks visibly satisfied with the educational measures she has taken under the photo and thanks her daughter’s former employer: “Thank you ‘Happy Ice’ for teaching my daughter to be the sweetest and fastest seller in four weeks. Well done, love you guys.”

But Lenny doesn’t only get her mother’s praise. Her followers are also excited about the young model’s commitment. Under this post, one user wrote: “I think it’s nice that even a star kid is doing a summer job.” Another commented, “It’s a really powerful gesture that you’re taking a vacation! You must have had so much fun.”

Lenny recently made her debut as a model. Together with her famous mother, she decorated the cover of German Vogue at the end of 2020. The young model can already be seen on the catwalk at Berlin Fashion Week.

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