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In 2022, the ORF wants to stop the show «

Three women and one man danced to get to the season fourteen finale, but no one said goodbye. In any case, the jury sees cabaret artist Caroline Athanasiades standing right in front of her. ORF isn’t planning Season 15 of “Dancing Stars” until 2023.

from Christian Audi | 11:28 PM, November 19, 2021


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Dance Stars 2021
Introduction ORF Christina Inhoff with professional Dimitar Stefanen © ORF

If juror Karina Sarkisova, when judging the tango, made a sexual joke about the “balls” Dance Master Florian Gescheider Just laughing at herself. So nothing new in the ORF ballroom. Where only the “punk and sexy”, the juror Maria Santner advertiser semi-finals With “Pokerface” – Tango Submitted by Jasmin Ouschan and Florian Gschaider. If you don’t follow Sarkisova on social media or don’t read a tabloid like “Austria”, you won’t understand Miriam Wechselbrunn’s criticism of the Russian ballerina (“Amazon bath oil”).
21 points For Bernard Cole’s dance was unusually loud: Selbst Balázs Ekker And the Viennese waltz after the song “Someone Likes” praised the 39-year-old ex-athlete always goes to extremes: “We appreciate your efforts!”

global as usual: Live orchestra with singers prepared by Thomas Rabic, who are among the best in our country. Just one example Drew Sarish Mentioned in “Eleanor Rigby” (Tango).
But in 2022 it will remain silent: according to reports ORF wants to stop the dance show next year, To be exciting for 2023 and hence the fifteenth season Celebrity squad formation in the hall To be able to apply. A smart plan, because the list of celebrities can only be won with a longer period of time.
It should also be noted that that the combination of Weichselbraun and Norbert Oberhauser as a moderate duo is inconsistent.

Dance Stars 2021
Caroline Athanasiades and Danilo Campisi Photo © ORF

with the jury correct order das After a total of eight shows (from Cha-Cha-Cha to Jive and Quickstep to Tango and Waltz) with points overrun from the last show as follows:
Cabaret artist and “Kernöl-Amazone” Caroline Athanasiades: 113 points
Paul Billard Brophy Yasmine Ochan: 111 points.
Mediator Christina Inhoff: 103 points.
Former professional cyclist Bernard Cole: 82 points.
Jury evaluation is important In the end only 50 percent of the time; The television audience controls the other 50 percent of their calls.

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On a special day Just like what happened on November 19, 2021 Entertainment ORF under the leadership of Alexander Hofer But she is determined not to say “goodbye” to any couple. There was enough bad news today! So the four pairs were sent to the finals, Jury points and calls / SMS (confidential) will be transferred from the public to the finalist.

Dance Stars 2021
Jasmine Auchan and Florian Gescheider Photo © ORF

Despite the closure, specifically at the ORF Center in Küniglberg in Vienna On November 26, the fourteenth season finale From “Dancing Stars” broadcast on stage – and presenter Miriam Wechselbrunn I come back from their adopted home in London. The winner was already on the dance floor in November 2020 (Michaela Kirchgasser) Elected in closure.

Dance Stars 2021
Bernard Cole and Visila Dimova Photo © ORF


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