Lenny Klum surprises her fans with a very brave photo
Lenny Klum on the catwalk for her own group at About You.

Lenny Klum on the catwalk for her own group at About You.BILD: Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images For You

Once again, Lenny Klum proves that models aren’t immune to teenage problems either. The 17-year-old cheered on other girls and boys of her age with an honest photo on her Instagram story. Because what many forget: a model doesn’t have flawless skin or a standout figure—and certainly not 365 days a year.

On Lenny Klum’s calendar, one of the photos captures the following, professionally organized with her clothes, makeup, and hair styling. With these perfect looking pictures, your tween or other teen can get jealous.

The honest picture proves: pimples are normal

Although she allows herself to put on more makeup for one photo or the other, but We usually know Lenny Klum like this: made-up and discreetly dressed.

But now, the young, up-and-coming model has posted an honest photo on her Instagram story, showing herself completely without makeup. What should reassure fans of the same age: Even supermodels who look perfect struggle with blemishes and other teenage problems. Because the unfiltered truth proves: pimples are a totally normal thing. With her brave step, Heidi Klum Scion can also help others accept themselves.

Leni Klum shows herself on her Instagram story without any filters or makeup.

Leni Klum shows herself on her Instagram story without any filters or makeup.Photo: instagramleniklum screenshot

Lenny Klum Coming Soon On “GNTM”

This candid picture is not the first time that Lenny Klum has appeared in public without makeup. Two months ago, the 17-year-old posted new photos from her agency, which models usually collect in their cards for potential clients and are supposed to show them subtle makeup in casual wear.

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In general, the young model is committed to greater diversity and equality in the fashion world, as she said recently in an interview with “Gala”. Lenny Klum clearly has a lot of planning and shouldn’t stop at modeling. Because having a supermodel as a mom who also has her own TV show isn’t exactly harmful to Lenny. According to her mother, Heidi Klum, the 17-year-old will also appear in this year’s “Next German Supermodel”.



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