Hollywood star Hans Zimmer boycotts concert for Ukraine video

German-born composer and Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer interrupted a concert to play a video of a Ukrainian pianist. He previously sent this Instagram message.

Ukrainian pianist Alex Bayan can count on the support of Hollywood star Hans Zimmer. The world-famous composer interrupted a concert on his live tour on Friday to play a video of the Ukrainian.

Bayan has become well known on social networks in the past few days. Zimmer performed “Start” in a Kyiv square, even when the sirens were already going off. Zimmer’s daughter Zoe claims she saw the video and showed it to her dad, and she also shared it on Instagram. “He was so poignant and powerful that I knew I had to introduce him to my father because it would mean so much to him.” Then they recorded a video message and sent it to the artist.

Zimmer praised the pianist’s commitment. “What you’re doing with the music lifts the spirits of the Ukrainian people,” Zimmer said. Show a blue and yellow scarf in the national colors of Ukraine. “We’re on your side,” Zimmer said.

At the next concert at the O2 Arena in London, the Hollywood star interrupted the program shortly before the end and showed a video of Bayan playing music in Kyiv. Zimmer’s daughter reported that the audience stood and applauded.

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