Un relâchement sur les gestes barrières et l
The barrier signals are relaxed and the epidemic begins again. (© Metropolitan)

Lars Occitanie Inventory on Friday, March 25th in Hospital team activity from the region. Moreover, all Viral indications It continues to rise sharply compared to the previous week as is the case in Herault.

Refusal to enter hospital

So far, in Occitanie, another 1,762 hospitalized cases are in progress (-73 in 3 days) including 120 in intensive care and intensive care (-14) and we regret 7294 hospital deaths (+29).

Hospitalization by department in Occitanie.
Hospitalization by department in Occitanie. (© ARS Occitanie)

In Herault, 214 cases are hospitalized in progress (-241 in 3 days), including 20 in intensive care and intensive care (idem). 4 deaths counted in 3 days, resulting in 1560 the number of deaths In health institutions since March 2020 in the department.

The epidemic is still progressing strongly

All viral indicators continue to rise sharply in our region compared to the previous week. The average number of positive cases per day increased by 47% in one week, confirming a strong development of the virus. Like Herault County, where the infection rate was 761.1 on Tuesday versus 939.3 on Friday.

Incidence rate in Occitanie sections.
Incidence rate in Occitanie sections. (© ARS Occitanie)

However, the number of hospital admissions is slightly down at this point. In the context of the simultaneous circulation of Covid and influenza viruses, ARS Occitanie emphasizes that gestures of barrier remain an essential reflection of common sense, particularly to protect the most vulnerable.

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