News for all fans of The Voice of Germany! The final conclusion to the actors’ show will take place on Sunday. For the last time, the talents of Mark Forster (38), Nico Santos (28), Sarah Connor (41), Johannes Oerding (39) and Elif will compete against each other and fight for victory. In fact, Ed Sheeran (30) should have appeared as a guest star. But the musician will not perform – an alternative has already been taken care of!

Like production now via Instagram It was announced that the “photographer” translator would not be able to stand on stage in Berlin tomorrow – the reason being that he had contracted the Covid virus in his environment. In place of the redhead, singer-songwriter Byrdie (25) will appear and perform her new song “I Just Wanna Be With You”. Fans were excited: one user commented “a great singer.”

Byrdie isn’t the only star guest of the evening. Talents are also allowed to perform with a celebrity – Florian And Charlene Gallant Singing with James Morrison (37), Linda Elsinr With James Blunt (47) and Gogo Zulu with calum scott. Katerina Mihaljevich It also happens with Michael Patrick Kelly (44) while Sebastian Krenz He will stand next to James Arthur (33).

Johannes Ording, Nico Santos, Sarah Connor and Mark Forster "Germany's voice"Jury 2021

ProSiebenSAT.1 / Andrei Kowalski

Johannes Ording, Nico Santos, Sarah Connor and Mark Forster, 2021 ‘The Voice of Germany’ jury
Byrdie Im Feb 2016
Finalists from "Germany's voice" 2021

ProSiebenSAT.1 / Claudius Pflug

The Final Nominees for “The Voice of Germany” 2021
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