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Bouncing back: Anna Maria and Bushido ‘into the bucket’ after giving birth to twins

Are Anna Maria Ferchichi, 39, and her husband Bushido, 43, expecting the next time? The rapper’s wife is expecting triplets – three girls. Meanwhile, the mother of five has already arrived in the eighth month of pregnancy. Parents are used to the hustle and bustle of children, but they don’t respect the triple task ahead. Finally remember I am Maria And your loved ones, how exciting the stage after the birth of the twins in 2013 was!

With an adorable throwback photo, the 39-year-old showed it to her Instagram– The story of how the twin parents were flat at that time: happy, but also clearly very exhausted, the couple lay with them Anna Marias Monterey’s son from a previous relationship and newborn twins Gabriel and Layla on the sofa. The pregnant woman wrote about the review: “At the time, our twins were a month old, and we were completely confined.”

Now they are even expecting three newborn babies! And that’s actually quite different at birth than what Sarah Connor’s 41-year-old sister is used to. was in an interview I am Maria She already revealed that three medical teams would be there when the girls arrived. The two can’t quite imagine what it will be like next for them when they are new triplets. But it cannot be long. because Anna Marias Looks like the baby ball is about to explode right now.

Bushido and his wife Anna Maria Ferchichi

Instagram / anna_maria_ferchichi

Bushido and his wife Anna Maria Ferchichi
Anna Maria Ferchichi in September 2021

Instagram / anna_maria_ferchichi

Anna Maria Ferchichi in September 2021
Bushido and his wife Anna Maria
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