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Since January 1, homeopathy is no longer on the list of compensated medicines ...
Since January 1, homeopathy is no longer on the list of compensated medicines … (© DR)

“It was unfortunate and it took huge proportions with social networks,” notes the management Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) from some.

On October 4, its employees received a letter regarding seasonal influenza. Usually, CPAM offers them a vaccination. But this year, the letter notes, “in light of the health context associated with Covid-19, only homeopathic treatment against influenza will be offered.”

However, since January 1, homeopathy is no longer on the list of reimbursed medicines. This is the result of an opinion issued by the Supreme Health Authority in June 2019, which considers that “there is no robust study that has demonstrated superiority in terms of the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines compared to conventional treatments or a placebo.”

a “sudden” connection

“The fact that health insurance is promoting (even internally) homeopathy is surprising,” states the October 16 issue of Le Quotidien du Médecin.

The message was actually broadcast to the staff without prior notification to the CPAM manager. After learning of the matter, he called for the immediate cessation of this “inappropriate act in relation to the recommendations of the health authorities.”

No specialty of homeopathy can be considered a vaccine or treatment against seasonal influenza. A vaccine, for both Covid-19 and influenza, remains the best way to protect yourself and reduce the risk of serious complications.

Direction of Manche CPAM

She adds that health insurance, as an employer, encourages prevention campaigns; But do not recommend the use of this or that remedy.

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In any case, this episode made him aware of the “need to reorganize his verification department” of the procedures that had been put in place for the staff.

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