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The wait is almost over. Starting Friday, ten comedians will compete in six new episodes of “LOL: Last One Laughing” in a crazy no-laughter contest on Amazon Prime Video. There is a bit of flair in the trailer.

In “LOL: Last One Laughing,” ten comedians try hard not to laugh under the watchful eyes of host Michael Bully Herbig. The millions of viewers who were able to inspire a German adaptation of a Japanese TV show would surely have failed the task without a sound. “LOL” was a huge hit for Amazon, which is why they’ve now revamped it ASAP.

The second season of “LOL,” which premiered in cinemas earlier, will now appear regularly on Amazon Prime Video on October 1, 2021 – exactly six months after the first season.

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In the realm of participants, we can look forward to a mix of comedians old and new in the “LOL” revamp. So this time around, the three returnees in Season One are Max Germain, Ank Engelek and Kurt Krumer, and newcomers Bastian Pastuka, Klaas Hofer Umlauf, Annette Freire, Martina Hill, Larissa Reyes, Tommy Schmidt and Tahney.

However, the concept of success, which is as simple as it is innovative, has not been shaken. The ten people who were locked up again for six hours tried to make each other laugh by all means. If you smile twice, you will be fired. At the end of the day, the winner can win a prize for a noble cause. Season two also consists of six half-hour episodes, each released in a double pack on Fridays. Those who still haven’t been able to get enough laughing muscle training can look forward to “LOL” season three, which has already been confirmed, in 2022.

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Introduction: These are the comedians of season two “LOL”.

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