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Did Gil Ofarim really wear a necklace with a Star of David?

There are suspicions about singer Gil Ofarim’s portrayal of an anti-Semitic incident in a hotel due to his Star of David chain. The reason is the video recordings of the arrival at the hotel.

According to a report in Leipziger Volkszeitung, video recordings from the Westin Hotel in Leipzig are supposed to raise questions about the feud between singer Gil Ofarim and hotel staff. In an Instagram post, the singer stated that an anti-Semitic incident occurred due to the Star of David he wore on a chain around his neck upon entering the hotel. A hotel employee asked him to take off his chain. Also, someone called in the hallway to take off the jewelry.

The question now arises whether Ofarim actually wore the necklace. And the newspaper “Bild”, on Saturday evening, published some of the alleged pictures of the surveillance camera recordings. This Obarim appears upon arrival at the hotel, in the lobby, and at the reception. String can not be seen. Bild announced that it will also release the videos on Sunday morning.

One of the recordings was said to show that Ofrim was clearly enthusiastic. But there is no sound for the recordings. Opposite the photo, Ofrim said, “It’s not about the chain. It’s actually about something much bigger.” After the hotel informed the newspaper, three guests were accepted, which angered the musician.

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