Dad: A woman discovers logging in the branch - and she has to laugh

Dad: The woman sees this sign in one of the opponent’s branches – she can’t stop laughing

This is the reason for the existence of the equator Aldi

This is the reason for the existence of the equator Aldi

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This signature in Aldi Big laugh from a discount customer! You don’t want to login anymore.

One wanders through the unsuspecting Aldi And then. Supermarkets and discount stores are brimming with prices and special offers. Has anyone read it in detail? A woman did – and she couldn’t stop laughing.

Dad: The woman discovers the shield and can hardly stop laughing

She shared the hilarious moment on Aldi Süd’s Facebook page: “I remembered the colored carrots in a different way,” she wrote there and posted a photo of what she found. Instead of the advertised carrots, there is: Pumpkin!

“I know a banner can always be hung incorrectly, but that sounded really funny,” adds the customer.

Aldi’s response to the mini-crash

And Aldi herself has already responded to this little fake: “These are really exotic carrots! You can definitely make soup from them,” the company jokingly writes under the photo.


This is Aldi:

  • Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are two separate groups of companies in Essen and Mülheim
  • Aldi stands for Albrecht-Discount: In 1913, Karl Albrecht started his own retail bread shop in Essen
  • In 1962, the family business was transformed into a pure discount company and given the current name “Aldi”.
  • Divided into North and South in 1961
  • Aldi is now one of the top ten retail groups in the world
  • In the prospectus you will find announcements of the latest offers
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As long as the customer can still tell the difference between carrots and pumpkins, all is well.


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