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Qantas resumes international air traffic

Qantas resumes international air traffic

With the announcement that Australia’s borders will open to citizens in November, Qantas is also working to introduce the resumption of its international flights.

Australia has long been a leader in fighting epidemics. The country kept its borders closed for 19 months. It is almost impossible to enter or leave. Even overseas nationals are not normally allowed into Australia – until now. The Australian government announced yesterday that it will change its strict course and allow Australians to enter and leave the country as early as November. Borders will open to international travelers as early as December. A move that will also benefit Australian airline Qantas in particular. as Breakingtravelnews Reports said, that the resumption of international flights will be submitted.

The first flights are scheduled to start from November 14

Good news from below. Even if the Australian government has to admit that its coronavirus-free strategy has been a failure, the country is now planning to open borders gradually – after 19 months of strict isolation. This did not really bring much, because despite all this, the number of cases continued to increase. From November, Australian citizens in particular can look forward to the opening of borders so they can travel abroad again. However, the move also benefits Australians living abroad, who can return to their home country after more than a year. For this reason, Qantas, Australia’s leading airline, has moved the resumption of international air traffic to November 14.

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Qantas Dreamliner

The first international flights for vaccinated citizens will be carried out using a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Then there are three times a week from Sydney to London and back and from Sydney to Los Angeles. Recently, both destinations were ordered on the airline’s website. Of course, other international destinations will be added in the future – depending on the requirements and after the government has announced a specific opening date.

The early reopening of Australia’s international borders would mean a great deal to many people and was made possible by the astonishing intensification of vaccine release. We know Australians can’t wait to travel abroad and be reunited with their loved ones, and literally thousands are waiting to go home, so this faster reboot is great news. We welcome the Government’s decision and the work the NSW Government is doing to facilitate the home quarantine approach that makes this possible. We are looking forward to other countries and territories joining.

Alan Joyce, Qantas Group CEO

As early as August, Qantas announced its first plans to resume international flights, including the reactivation of the Airbus A380. However, strict rules apply to all Qantas flights – both passengers and crew members are required to be fully protected from being vaccinated with a TGA approved vaccine.

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Negative PCR test required

Qantas has long been a vocal advocate of mandatory vaccination. It has already rewarded vaccinated frequent flyers with a small bonus if they can prove their vaccination status. But the same goes for the crew: if you are not vaccinated, you will not travel with you. In addition to proof of vaccination, travelers from November must submit a negative PCR test prior to departure, which must not exceed 72 hours. After entering the country, there is still an obligation to quarantine – for everyone. However, those who have been fully vaccinated can shorten this from 14 to seven days.

Qantas Link Economy Cabin
Economy Class Cabin von Qantas

The full opening of Australia – for international travelers – is planned around Christmas time. For this, the government still imposes a vaccination quota of at least 80 percent. This is currently about 41 percent in Australia. More than 60 percent of Australians have already received their first vaccination. With the new “It’s Our Best Shot for Travel” campaign, the goal should be reached by December.

Conclusion on the International Ganta Aviation Plan

Australia was really surprised yesterday by its early opening strategy. Even if only Australian citizens are allowed to travel to and from Australia at the moment, Christmas time is not too far away. After that, international travelers should also be able to land again. Qantas also preferred to resume its international flights. Initially only with select flights to the USA and London, but other destinations are already being planned. However, travelers should note that vaccinations are required on all Qantas flights. This is also planned for future international travelers!

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