Google Pay Promo: Is The New Android App Really That Bad?  Google attracts users with a $ 30 premium
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Some countries have been around for a few months The new Google Pay, Which offers a completely different interface and many new features, but is still being criticized. Now Google is on the offensive and wants to convince American users to keep using the app. If you do some simple tasks, you can secure $ 30. It may also be a sign of an early international start.

Google Push Spring Challenge

Whenever Google rebuilds or restarts an app, it rarely collapses well – often for understandable reasons. But restarting Google Pay is making surprisingly high waves, because the new app is “barely usable” according to many users, has a poorly organized interface and may focus too much on many new features that have nothing to do with – from the point of view of many of the user’s core functions. You must do it.

Google Pay Challenge

For this reason, I have now launched a campaign for US users who can get a total credit of $ 30 for using the app. For this, some simple tasks have to be performed in the form of payments, which many people have to quickly fulfill. In my opinion, this is a very high bonus for using an app that is difficult for many people to avoid and has long been positioned as the standard on Android. Without the need, Google shouldn’t do something like this.

It’s totally possible that everything will be hit after that in some other country. So far, there is no evidence that the new Google Pay may soon start in Germany.

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