Edeka leaves rain for Christmas

Screenshot from “Drip, der Schneetrpofen” – © Edeka

Later in the competition, Edeka has now also released the annual Christmas movie. It tackles climate change.

The movie is about a raindrop who wants to become a snowflake and does a lot for it. He even goes to Snow Academy. As for the Drip, as it’s called, it starts immediately: The Academy’s loudspeaker shouts a snow alarm, and all drops must go into the jump zone. Of course, Drip also prepares and jumps from cloud cover toward Earth. However, his ambitions should not be crowned with success. It ends up dripping like raindrops on the dining room glass of a family eating their Christmas menu. Only the daughter of the house looks out the window and looks sad about a rainy Christmas. The film’s message is: We changed the world. time for change. #sustainable life

Edeka’s current Christmas option “Drip, Snowdrop”

Through the story of Drip, Edeka wants to draw attention to the fact that above all there are many little things that make a big difference and what Edeka is already doing for the environment. This is what it says on file landing page: “We at Edeka want to take responsibility with our customers and move forward – on the path towards a more sustainable life. Several regional projects support this plan…”

Within the first 24 hours of being posted on YouTube, the site garnered more than a million views and countless comments. Including an ad like this: “Advertising is OK, but I miss that kind of ad, like that with the old man.”

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What is meant is the person who pointed out six years ago that family is the most important thing at Christmas. The site, which coincidentally won international creative awards, has garnered 68 million views so far. Since then, nowhere has come close to Christmas in Edica.

Edeka “#heimkommen” Christmas spot from 2015

Back to the climate issue: this isn’t new to Edica either. Four years ago, the agency team and clients Jung von Matt/Edeka published “Christmas 2117,” the futuristic message of an extinct city in which a small robot searches for Christmas. And in the end he also finds – far from any civilization, as is generally understood. The four-minute, Hollywood-quality film was viewed 4.6 million times on YouTube, and also appeared frequently on award-winners lists the following year.

Edica spot “Christmas 2117” of 2017

Whether that success—and above all that attention—will also be given to this year’s little snowdrop distillery remains to be seen in the end. At least one thing is for sure: Edeka can do better, Jung von Matt anyway. There is also perhaps a bit of truth in what one of the comments on the current site addresses: “Well, by comparison, Edeka will probably have cut her budget drastically in 2021!”

Client: edicaHamburg agency: Young from MattHamburg


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