Home entertainment ‘Das Supertalent’ kicks off: Here’s the jury for Episode 1

‘Das Supertalent’ kicks off: Here’s the jury for Episode 1

‘Das Supertalent’ kicks off: Here’s the jury for Episode 1

The start of the Das Supertalent season has it all! Tonight, the first episode of the 15th season of the talent show will air. A few months ago it was announced that there were several changes to the format. Lola Webert (25) and Chris Tal (30) replaced Danielle Hartwich (43) and Victoria Swarovski (28) as coordinators. The jury has also been completely replaced and is now made up of Michael Michalsky (54), Chantal Jantzen Lukas Podolsky (36) – but not in the first broadcast: This is what the audience expects!

as RTL Announced in advance, it will only be used by the permanent members of the jury in the opening sequence Michael Sit at the jury desk. Poldi was abroad due to contracting coronavirus at the start of the shooting – and it wasn’t explained why Chantal wasn’t there at first. It can only be seen on press photos for next Saturday’s broadcast. But a good alternative has been found for the two: they must be represented by juror Let’s Dance Motsi Mabuse (40), influencer Riccardo Simonetti (28) and the magical duo Ehrlich Brothers.

Talents in the first episode include magician and prankster Yannick Holst, circus artist Wesley Williams and body painter Johannes Stotter. Maryna Zaitseva would like to combine LED show, dance and acrobatics with the “Light Balance Kids” group from Ukraine.

The Ehrlich brothers, the witches
Michael Michalsky. Jury “Das Supertalent” 2021
Johannes Stotter in “Das Supertalent” 2021
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