“money House”
Planned branch through Juwelendieb Berlin

Actor Pedro Alonso gets the same "money House"- Figur Berlin has donated its own branch chain.

Actor Pedro Alonso has got his own series as the character “House of Money” in Berlin.

© Netflix

The House of Money may soon close its doors forever. But the theft is still going on – thanks to Berlin.

The professor’s coup ended on December 3. Then the last five episodes of the fifth season of the Spanish series “House of Money” appear on the streaming service Netflix. However, fans around the world will not have to say goodbye to the heist world of creator Alex Pena (54). Because as announced now via TwitterA member of a gang of thieves will get their own collection from 2023: the jewelry thief Andrés de Fonollosa aka Berlin.

This is remarkable in many ways: the character played by Pedro Alonso, 50, is highly controversial and has repeatedly caused an uproar with sexual and racist statements. Or as the forensic psychiatry series put it about Berlin: “He lacks any kind of empathy. An eccentric tends to be paranoid, which prevents him from distinguishing between good and evil.” As Tokyo accomplice in the robbery (Ursula Corbero, 32) immediately pointed out, “It is a shark – you can swim with it, but you are always nervous.”

Warning, spoilers

There’s another reason why Berlin’s comeback is surprising: at the end of season two, he’s killed in a hail of bullets from the police. However, this does not prevent him from appearing in all subsequent chapters. In flashbacks, his character appeared again and again.

Starting in 2023, fans will find out more about the history of the criminal in the spin-off, which takes place before the events of “House of Money”. So Berlin will not rise from the dead.

“House of Won”

It has long been known that there will be a South Korean remake of the “House of Money”. The character of Berlin will also appear in it, portrayed by a new world star: Park Hae-soo (40) tried to win millions and millions as “Player 2018” in the Netflix movie “Squid Game”. In the new edition announced for 2022, he will tackle this endeavor once again.


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