Home entertainment Spanish Leonor: These 10 Amazing Facts About Her

Spanish Leonor: These 10 Amazing Facts About Her

Spanish Leonor: These 10 Amazing Facts About Her

Spanish Leonor (16), the eldest of Queen Letizia (49) and King Felipe (53), was born in Madrid in 2005. Less than two years later, little sister Infanta Sofia (14) was born. In their appearances, they have repeatedly proven that the two royal sisters are closely related not only because of the small age difference between them. They rarely leave each other’s side, support each other and even master their first appearance on their own without a mother and father.

But in the summer of 2021, the heir to the throne left her homeland to attend the elite boarding school UWC Atlantic College in Wales. There she not only makes international contact with other royal children, such as Alexia of the Netherlands (16), but is also supposed to learn Arabic as well as Mandarin.

In the video above, we reveal more interesting facts about the heir to the throne!

Leonor the Spaniard: A new life in an elite boarding school

The heir to the throne has already settled in her new home. But as before at the Spanish court, life in Wales no longer belonged to Leonor. As reported by the Spanish magazine “Lecturas”, the sixteen-year-old girl had to lose a number of privileges. A small consolation: At the new school in southwest Great Britain, the Royal Lady can now enjoy noticeably more anonymity than her home country.

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