Home entertainment Dieter Bohlen breaks a long silence about his DSDS exit and gives reasons

Dieter Bohlen breaks a long silence about his DSDS exit and gives reasons

Dieter Bohlen breaks a long silence about his DSDS exit and gives reasons

Dieter Bohlen explains the causes of DSDS in an Instagram video

© Instagram / Dieter Bohlin

DSDS and “Das Supertalent” without Dieter Bohlen. The news came as a shock to many. Because Poptitan has been the face of both shows for so long.

Now Dieter Bohlen (67) talks about the reasons behind this decision. Because many fans are still sad that the product will not be part of the casting shows. In an Instagram video, the pop giant explains his exit from ‘Deutschland Likest den Superstar’ and ‘Das Supertalent’.

“I was with DSDS for 16 years and we were very successful, we were a team. We had an opinion on how to achieve success. Then new managing directors, new people came in there, and they had a different opinion,” says Dieter Bohlen. As a result, the 67-year-old and the production department could no longer agree.

“For example, I wouldn’t have put Wendler in there,” says the former Modern Talking singer. For Dieter Bohlen, there was only one possibility: “And if you have different opinions about formats and how to achieve success, the best way, of course, is to split.”

He still gives a little hope to his fans. Dieter Bohlen does not rule out starting other projects with RTL in the future. “But we parted ways only for these two formats. RTL didn’t fire me, we still have a contract that extends beyond this year,” explains the former jury chair.

DSDS fans behind Dieter Bohlen

Fans are actually still mad at the new jury constellation. Many people are even threatening to boycott both formulas. One follower wrote under the Instagram post: “This is the like button, if you no longer watch DSDS and super talent.” So far it has garnered more than 500 likes for this statement. 500 people wouldn’t watch casting shows without Dieter Bohlen. “DSDS and super talent without Dieter is not possible! The decision of RTL is incomprehensible to me! Sorry, but I hope the reviews will show it … ”, another fan is upset.

Dieter Bohlen fans continue to support the Popetian

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How the new jury is actually being received by the public, we’ll likely find out only next year. Because the new season with Florian Silbereisen, Ilse DeLange and Toby Gad won’t air until the beginning of 2022.

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