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Marilyn Lofven, 51, has been an integral part of the “ZDF breakfast TV” team for many years. She even recently celebrated her 25th birthday. But this year, she wasn’t even on the show in front of the camera. Her fans are wondering where the presenter is and have a very specific suspicion.

Marilyn Lofven: She’s Celebrating Anniversary

as supervisor of “ZDF breakfast TV” Marlene Lufen has built a huge fan base over the years. With a break she stands 25 years ago For the morning show in front of the camera and I still can’t get enough. For her special birthday, she was surprised by her team. Then she recently posted about it on Instagram and let her feelings explode with the caption:

I got it my tears dried up This morning, at 9 a.m., my colleagues from Breakfast TV called me straight into the show and congratulated me on my 25th anniversary. Tomorrow I will post what happened next, I can’t do that today, especially not emotionally.

However, Marilyn’s fans are currently missing her on TV because the 51-year-old suffers from it. Since the beginning of the year The show no longer runs. Where is brunette?

Marilyn Lofven: Could this be the reason for the ‘ZDF breakfast TV’ break?

Die-hard “ZDF breakfast TV” fans have had to go every morning for the past few days Overcome a little disappointment, because presenter Marilyn Lofven was not in front of the camera again this year. It was already announced again for this week, but there is no trace of the director. Where is leuven? This is also what their fans ask on social networks:

Where is Marilyn Lovin?

The fan has a very particular suspicion that many find plausible:

When not Marilyn Shaggy in “The Masked Dancer” He has to be trained… fishy fishy.

Could a ZDF breakfast TV host be in trouble? This remains to be seen Until the mask falls off.

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Do you want to convince yourself that Marilyn Lofven might be under a shaggy mask? “The Masked Dancer” started on January 6th Thursday a 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben. Playing it is definitely worth it!

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