Seven children from the same school suffer from shortness of breath, and three have been admitted to the emergency room

All school children have tested negative for Covid-19. The causes of infection have not yet been determined.

Located in Lot-et-Garonne, a town of just 2,000, Lavardac’s Kindergarten has to deal with a still unspecified disease that has infected seven of its schoolchildren. Characterized by respiratory distress, it necessitated the admission of three of them to the Pediatric Department of Again Hospital.

Cons of Covid-19

The course of viral pneumonia, which was first reported in the regional press, has not been validated by analyzes carried out in Agen, as reported. Southwest.

Of the seven sick children, four were educated in the under 3 yr reception system, two in the junior department and one in the middle department. Because of their symptoms – breathing difficulties – all the children were tested for Covid-19. And it turns out that all of them are negative.

Reception is closed

Faced with this situation, the mayor of Lavardak, Ludovic Piasuto, decided to close the reception system for children under the age of three until at least Thursday. The National Education Services recommended the city council member not to close the institution entirely. Management of the situation is now in the hands of the management delegation for Lot-et-Garonne from the Regional Health Agency.

call him SouthwestRegarding the sick children, Joris Junon, director of the delegation, noted that “they all show the same clinical signs, namely hyperthermia associated with shortness of breath. At this point, there is no major diagnosed pneumonia. They were all negative.” […] These various findings currently in our possession do not allow us to determine the cause.

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The health condition of the children in hospitals did not cause particular concern on Monday, nor did they require their transfer to another health institution. Further analyzes to be performed soon should allow a better diagnosis of the causes of this infection.


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