Diet: An unhealthy diet has a negative effect on the psyche, especially in women.

Diet: An unhealthy diet has a negative effect on the psyche, especially in women.

Dietary factors are closely related to women’s mental health.

Diet and exercise habits have a significant impact on mental health, although this appears to be different in men and women. For example, a recent study found that women’s mental health correlates more closely with dietary factors than men’s.

A team of researchers from Binghamton University in the US examined the relationship between diet, exercise and mental illness in men and women and discovered stark gender inequality. Unhealthy diets, for example, appear to have a greater impact on women’s mental health than on men. The study results were published in the Journal of Personalized Medicine.

Diet, exercise and mental health

Lina Begdache of Binghamton University has found evidence in previous studies that good nutrition can boost mental health. Together with Kara M. Patrici, she has studied the relationships between diet, exercise, and psychological well-being in men and women aged 30 and over.

Researchers looked at the consumption of certain food groups that have been linked to mental health problems in both men and women, as well as dietary patterns related to physical activity and mental health.

Healthy eating improves mental health.

“We explored a broad association between healthy eating, following healthy eating practices, physical activity, and mental well-being,” writes Lena Begdash. She continues, saying this supports the idea of ​​changing diet and lifestyle factors to increase mental health.

Psychological effects of an unhealthy diet

The researchers found that “when adverse eating patterns were present, the severity of psychological distress was higher in women than in men, indicating that women are more sensitive to malnutrition than men.” The results suggest that diet has a greater impact on women’s mental health than it does on men.

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Eating quickly, skipping breakfast, coffee, and high glycemic (HG) foods are all linked to psychological anxiety in women, according to Bagdash. Meanwhile, he says, dark green leafy fruits and vegetables, for example, have been linked to mental health.

Balanced motion is a good idea.

The study also found that “exercise significantly reduces the negative association between high glycemic meals and fast food and psychological distress,” according to the study author. She added that the findings are useful in modifying eating regimens to encourage exercise and improve health. News from the Bulgarian business magazine in a nutshell.


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