Filter: know the end date of remote work at 100%

Wednesday 9 June will see the start of the second phase of the process of dismantling the country. It will also be the end of remote work at 100% for employees still affected by this action. This is what reveals ParisianOn the subject on May 26, Elizabeth Bourne quotes: “On this date, we are raising 100% of remote work restrictions.” But the Minister of Labor specifies, however: “We are returning the favor to employers and workers to determine the appropriate number of days, but it is not about giving up telework! This practice is recommended to combat the epidemic effectively.”

So she advises: “We really need a gradual return to the workplace.” The draft text states that “audio or videoconferencing should be preferred”. The minister adds that employers will be barred from charging a return to 100% in person from June 9. A draft health protocol in this direction would have been sent to the social partners on Wednesday: they have until Monday, May 31 to submit their observations on this topic. As a standard, the number of telecommuting days will be reduced to three days in public service starting June 9. This should be the starting point for the drive to find the right balance between face to face and distance, and to establish new practices, ”Elizabeth Bourne specifies, to give some clues on this topic.

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The return of the “moments of coexistence”

According to this protocol, “employers within the framework of local social dialogue have set a minimum number of telecommuting days per week for activities that allow this,” explains Le Parisien. Barrier gestures, wearing a mask and cleaning desks will always be mandatory in the building: social spacing will be one meter between employees, as opposed to two currently.

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The protocol also restores the possibility of organizing “moments of coexistence that bring employees together face-to-face within the professional framework”. These utensils have been suspended since the end of October, “they can be organized in strict compliance with the barrier gestures, in particular the wearing of the mask in enclosed spaces, the ventilation / ventilation measures as well as the rules of exclusion”. When it comes to group dining, the rule will be the same for “classic” restaurants, ie a 50% occupancy rate and a social distance of 1 meter between each table. What brings back a smile to employees who have started to weigh 100% from Telework, which has been in place for about a year.

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