Préparation des seringues d'injection du vaccin Covid dans la salle de vaccination du CHU de Nîmes

According to ARS Occitanie, this Tuesday, due to the covid-19 pandemic, there are still 1,914 hospitalizations (+122) including 146 resuscitation and critical care operations (+21) and we regret 7,362 deaths in the region. “The increase in all epidemiological indicators has persisted for several weeks, and the virus continues to spread at high levels throughout our region. The number of new hospital admissions for COVID19 in traditional hospitals and intensive care units is increasingthe regional health agency. In Gard, the number of patients hospitalized in one week rises from 214 to 252. 14 of them are in intensive care.

He added, “The level reached by these epidemiological indicators calls on everyone to double their vigilance to avoid the spread of infection.” ARS Occitanie (newsletter 5 April 2022)

In Loser, 19 patients have been hospitalized, including one in the intensive care unit.

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