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A little clip that sparks a lot of excitement!

A TikTok video that has since been deleted by pop icon Madonna (63) has been deleted eight million times. Many fans are worried, even terrified. Because you hardly recognize the singer again.

Ahead of Sunday’s Grammy Awards, the singer uploaded a clip to the social media platform which caused outrage from many users – except for the singer herself. Her face appears wrinkle-free and almost frozen, and the lips and cheekbones are unnaturally lined.

“What did she do to herself?” and “What happened to you?” They are just a few questions from her shocked followers. Another very candid fan is under the video, writing, “This is so annoying.”

She looks like a cat and has a rather big frown – that wasn’t what Madonna remembered. But this is exactly how it shows itself on TikTokPhoto: Madonna/Tik Tok

But why does Madonna suddenly look so different? Is it the notorious digital beauty filters or the new plastic surgery and fillers? Maybe everything…

Madonna has often shown that she is very different in the past, sparking rumors of possible cosmetic interventions. Now, however, she seems to have gone a little too far with the teen craze. Her fans prefer to mention Madonna’s “Old Man” under the video and write: “How cool she was in the ’90s. She was an icon.”

This is what Madonna looked like in 2019: lips are much narrower, facial features more natural

This is what Madonna looked like in 2019: lips noticeably thinner and facial features less catlikePhoto: Evan Agostini / dpa

Meanwhile, Madonna has deleted the video on TikTok. Was it because of negative fan reactions?

But the most important thing for a music star is feeling good about himself. And Madonna seems to like her new “plastic” look: she deleted the sexy video, but uploaded new clips to the platform – with similar mask-like facial expressions.

Loyalty to the motto: getting old and young at the same time!

Pop icon Madonna last year on Instagram - in the middle of the fountain of youth transformation

Pop icon Madonna last year on Instagram – in the middle of the fountain of youth transformationPhoto: picture alliance / Photoshot

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