Final countdown

looked nervous Bernard Col, the ex-professional cyclist, who looked at sporting successes in mind with the “ultimate countdown”. It can still be said that today’s bike shop owner has extraordinary fitness: many lifting figures with a partner Fizela Dimova It was executed perfectly. However, the tension caused little approval from the jury: 20 points.

Mediator Nina Craft and professional dancers Stefan Herzog Let the sparks fly with the phrase “Feeling Good.” Many words of thanks to Mama von Kraft and a plea for solidarity among women made an impression. 22 points.

styre manager Faris Rahoma (With Katie Kallos as a dance partner) ran to “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie. A solid performance that resulted in 21 points.

billiard player Yasmine Ochan and dance partner Florian Gescheider He gave the most emotional performance of the evening: in the end, both were on the verge of tears, it was very personal.

Ostropoper Boris Bukowski He chose his own song (“She was on the last album”) and left no doubt that charisma could replace grace throughout the year. “You’ve proven that you can tell a story even without dance steps,” he testified. Balaz Aker. 22 points. But this was not enough for the audience – he had to go.

Last year, the host of “Dancing Stars” concluded the event Christina Inhoffwhich was presented with Dimitar Stefanin. Powerful collection of songs (Dua Lipa), Fashionable Fashion: Wow.

Training on the show will continue next week on Saturday.

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