Home Economy Standard bounty: Whistleblowers receive $200 million

Standard bounty: Whistleblowers receive $200 million

Standard bounty: Whistleblowers receive $200 million

DrThe US financial watchdog, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, paid the record-breaking amount of nearly $200 million. The guide helped the authorities in the USA and Great Britain to explain the interest rate manipulation by Deutsche Bank in the so-called Libor scandal, The Wall Street Journal reported Quoted from Insider in its Friday release. Deutsche Bank did not want to comment on this when asked.

The CFTC only confirmed the amount in a notice, without providing information about the whistleblower or the companies involved. Deutsche Bank and other financial institutions have accepted comparisons worth billions in the past few years because traders are said to have manipulated their LIBOR reference rate. This is an important criterion for international financial transactions to which many loans relate.

A law was recently passed in the US to maintain the CFTC’s whistleblower program. The Wall Street Journal reported in May that the program is at risk due to the expected high return of the Deutsche Bank manager. This is linked to the $2.5 billion settlement that Deutsche Bank agreed with its supervisors a few years ago over Libor manipulation. The CFTC declined to comment, citing agency policy.

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