The Dancers' Enthusiasm: Finally an Audience Again for

Finally a full house again with Let’s Dance! This year’s season came to an end last week with a great finish. Today, Friday, as part of a professional challenge, he’s back on TV land – in front of a studio audience. After levels were always empty at the end, spectators were accepted back today. And they create a good atmosphere – to the delight of the jury and dancers.

Andrzej Cibis (33) and his wife Vica opened the evening with their performance and drew thunderous applause. The professional dancer was delighted with the lively feedback: “It’s overwhelming.” It also appears that juror Jorge Gonzalez, 53, enjoyed the audience’s return a lot. “Big applause to the crowd too – we finally have an audience here”Get excited, then praise the dance Andre And Vika.

Nicholas Buschmann (30 years old) is also present. Last week he fought for the title as celebrity alongside Vadim Garbozo in the final – but at the time in a nearly empty studio. He emphasized: “It was an honor to dance in front of so many people, but I think I would have been very excited too.” That is why he is glad to be able to experience the evening only as a guest.

Jorge Gonzalez, Motsy Mabuz and Joachim Lambie Bay “Let’s Dance” 2021
Joachim Lambie in the seventh live show “Let’s Dance”
Nicholas Bushman and Vadim Garbuzov, “Let’s Dance” 2021
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