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PCR, vaccination … What are the conditions for entering France for foreign tourists? – Release

COVID-19 pandemic in Francea file

On Friday, the government published a color code to sort travelers arriving in France according to their country. From June 9, vaccinated European citizens will be able to refrain from taking the PCR test.

Les Européens en «vert», les Britanniques en «orange», les Brésiliens en «rouge» : le gouvernement français a publié ce vendredi un classement qui détermine les restrictions auxquelles seront soumis les à voyageursant arrivantiv 9 France homeland.

Countries classified as “green” control the circulation of the coronavirus and have no different problem “worrying” : European region, Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand, Singapore. If you arrive from these countries, no compelling reasons to visit will be needed. You will only need to provide evidence of a negative test (PCR or antigen) within 72 hours if you have not been vaccinated. Vaccines will be exempt from testing, provided they have had a full vaccination for at least fourteen days on the date of travel with the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines (and for four weeks with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine).

For Europeans, it will be easier to travel from 1 July with a health permit including proof of vaccination, a negative test result or proof of recovery from Covid that is no more than six months old.

A compelling reason for countries classified as “red”

For countries in the “red” (South Africa, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Turkey, Uruguay), a compelling reason will still be necessary to come to France. A PCR or antigen test will be required, whether one has been vaccinated or not. Quarantine will be imposed for a period of seven to ten days, depending on whether the person has been vaccinated or not, upon arrival on French soil.

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For intermediate countries classified as “orange”, such as the United States or Great Britain, where one type of coronavirus worries the authorities, a PCR or antigen test will be required if the traveler is vaccinated. If he is not vaccinated, he will need a compelling reason, a negative test and will have to self-isolate for seven days.

Negotiations are underway with countries like Tunisia, still in orange, to facilitate the reciprocal movement of people. As for the Americans, theyThey’ve been vaccinated a lot but haven’t digitized that much. When you are vaccinated, you have a paper receipt; We are in discussion with them, and the goal is to be able to open up Canada and the United States, which is part of Africa.”and some Southeast Asian countries by summer, according to Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Jabbari.

Overseas Simplification

The government also announced the adaptation and simplification of the system of compelling reasons for travel to and from abroad. For flights between France and Reunion or Mayotte, as for communications between the two regions, travelers were vaccinated (full vaccination schedule) You will be exempted from self-isolation in both directions starting June 9.” . The government had already announced that on that date, travelers to and from these destinations would be exempted with compelling reason. A negative PCR test will continue to take place less than seventy-two hours before departure.

Between Guyana and France, travelers benefiting from the full vaccination schedule will not be subject to a mandatory ten-day quarantine upon arrival in the French capital, but will have to “Respect seven days of self-isolation in both directions”As long as the health situation does not improve.

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In France, the world’s leading tourist destination before the pandemic, the sector brought in 57 billion euros in 2019 (7.5% of GDP) and generated 2.87 million jobs. In 2020, with the health crisis, revenue is halved. Moreover, destination France faces competition from Greece, Spain and Italy. At the beginning of May, France invested 10 million euros in a lure campaign for European tourists that it hopes to welcome this summer.

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