Home entertainment O’Shea’s and Bertie’s daughters?: Schweiger’s daughters play in ‘Manta, Manta 2’

O’Shea’s and Bertie’s daughters?: Schweiger’s daughters play in ‘Manta, Manta 2’

O’Shea’s and Bertie’s daughters?: Schweiger’s daughters play in ‘Manta, Manta 2’

O’Shea and Bertie’s girls?
Schweiger’s daughters playing in “Manta, Manta 2”

Why have a “Marvel” world when you can have a “Manta” world? Fans of the cult film from 1991 with Til Schweiger can look forward to an upcoming sequel. More and more details are becoming known – but some things are still in the stars.

The 90’s movie “Manta, Manta” got its long-awaited sequel after more than 30 years – again with Til Schweiger and Tina Rowland in the main roles. The now 58-year-old Schweiger is also in charge of management and has brought two very special women on board. His daughters, 19-year-old Emma and 25-year-old Luna, will be participating alongside their father in Manta, Manta 2. This was confirmed by her mother, Dana Schweiger. In an interview with the newspaper “Bild”.


In 1991 it was already a family: O’Shea, Bertie and Manta.

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“Maybe because O’Shea and Bertie have children now,” Schweiger speculates. “But I don’t know because I don’t know the script.” Filming is expected to take place this summer. Whether in “Keinohrhasen”, “Zweiohrküken”, “Honig im Kopf” or “Kokowääh”: For both daughters, this is not the first time they have been in front of the camera with their father. Emma is also currently filming with Till for the movie The Best Is Not Yet to Come in Dubai.

The cult film “Manta Manta” from 1991 – not to be confused with the movie “Manta – Der Film” released around the same time – is about Bertie, who lives in the Ruhr region, and his adventures in his harmonious style. Opel Manta, which he shares with his friends Gerd, Hakan and Klausi, as well as with his wife Uchi, who also found out about her pregnancy during the film. Your opponents are arrogant Mercedes drivers.

Bertie’s son has to step on the accelerator

According to some previous media reports, “Manta, Manta 2” is about O’Shea’s and Bertie’s son, who wants to be a racing driver – not about girls together. So what role to give the Schweiger daughters is still up in the air and to what extent. A theatrical release could be planned for 2023.

On the occasion of Tina Rowland’s participation in the jungle camp, RTL recently included the movie “Manta – Der Film” and the comedy “Manta Manta” in its program. In the latter, the 55-year-old Roland celebrated her achievement as an actress as Uschi in the early 1990s.

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