Since the beginning of 2003, Klaus Kleiber has directed “Heut Magazine”. At the end of the year, this should finally be over. According to a report, the journalist wants to retire after that.

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Klaus Kleiber wanted to finish his career at ZDF last year. At the request of deputy editor-in-chief and head of the newsletter, Bettina Skitterin, the 65-year-old extended it for another six months. His contract was drawn up at the end of 2021. Clipper didn’t extend this again, Bild wants you to know.

A spokesperson said: “Klaus Kleiber will be working for ‘Hot magazine’ until the end of the year. Now, there is a politically exciting summer and federal elections imminent – and that’s what his journalistic focus is on.” However, neither Kleber’s manager nor Thomas Bilott wanted to comment on his ending 19 years later.

Kleber refused to extend the contract

It is alleged that Kleber was offered another contract extension, but he refused it. The citizen of Reutlingen does not want to celebrate his twentieth birthday anymore. People wanted to keep them as early as 2020. “It is now clear once again how important it is to experienced colleagues, especially in times of crisis, who perform their essential function well and credibly,” Skiden told dpa at the time.

Kleber is one of the most famous news anchors in Germany. In 1985 he became director of the Südwestfunk studio in Constance. A year later, after receiving his doctorate, among other things, he went abroad for 15 years to report from the USA as a reporter for ARD. Kleber has been the director of Hewitt Magazine since February 2003.

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There have been many cases of common law breaks in recent times. Jan Hofer, Linda Zervakis, Matthias Obdenhovel and Pinar Atalay recently announced their departures. They have all switched to the private channels (ProSieben and RTL). There is no known change in Clipper.


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