OnlyOffice Docs 7.0: Custom Forms and Safer Tables

Ascensio System SIA version 7.0 has released document editors as both online and desktop applications. Users can now create fillable forms themselves or integrate them into existing documents. Several fields such as drop-down lists or checkboxes are available for this purpose, and images are also allowed. Templates are available in commercial and open source versions and can be customized with color settings. If you group content-related fields, users can fill them in at the same time. Executable forms can not only be edited locally but can also be filled out via the Android and iOS app.

The spreadsheet editor has been given password protection for worksheets and folders. In addition, the new functionality of query tables ensures that data is prepared more efficiently. They are combined from one or more tables. The release history ensures that all versions are saved and nothing is lost.

To improve team collaboration, the developers of ONLYOFFICE have fixed the commenting feature in all editors. Comments sorting is now allowed. More features can be found in the blog. With Docs 7.0, OnlyOffice makes the source code for professional editing functions of previous versions available as open source.

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