Snapchat Frankreich GPS-Ortung

Digital-assisted rescue: By tracking the GPS tracking of the Snapchat app, police officers in the southern French city of Marseille rescued a young man who was being held captive by two men. The 14-year-old was injured. French media reported that the girl was raped several times.

The two men who were with the youths in the apartment were taken into police custody. The judiciary has launched investigations against the men, France 3 wrote, referring to the public prosecutor in Marseille.

Police find 14-year-old thanks to Snapchat’s GPS tracking

According to reports, the girl from Ardesh circle ran away from her home. On Friday morning, the 14-year-old incarcerated called her family and reported it to the police. The girl herself does not know where she is.

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According to French radio Bleu, the two arrested men denied that they had detained the girl. They also stated that the sexual intercourse was consensual and that they did not know the age of the girl. In France, consent to sexual practices may not be granted to persons under 15 years of age. Sexual acts committed by adults against children under this age are punishable by law. As reported by BFMTV, the teen is now back with her family. (alp/dpa)

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