This is the new premium economy of the Lufthansa 747-8

Lufthansa is remodeling 19 Boeing 747-8Is in Premium Economy Class. Seat manufacturer ZIM from Lake Constance has secured a contract with the exclusivity of its ZIM product. Above all, the decision shows one thing: that Lufthansa will continue to rely on the jumbo jet for many years to come.

ZIM’s specificity is a very promising seat for the aircraft – at least according to its creators. According to seat manufacturer ZIM from Immenstaad on Lake Constance, the new premium economy product should offer passengers exactly what its name promises: more privacy. As is known, this representation is somewhat inadequate on board, especially if you don’t necessarily want (or can’t) buy a business class seat. For example, who hasn’t been bothered by the annoying person in front of you who has nothing better to do right after the start than locking their seat backrest to your knees because they definitely want to be more comfortable?


Extra-large entertainment screens are one of the hallmarks of the new ZIM Privacy Flight Seat.

More comfort, more privacy

This is exactly where ZIM promises a treat with the new ZIM Privacy (PC-02). Because the ZIM PRIVACY has a fixed back cover – thus ensuring that passengers will not be disturbed if the passenger adjusts their backrest. Additional “Lazy-Z” flat backrests in the casing should ensure comfort while flying, while a privacy screen around the head provides added comfort. In addition, the headrest must be individually adjustable. Other privacy seating features also include individually adjustable armrests, cocktail table, one-piece dining table, personal reading lamp, mood lighting, and oversized entertainment screen.

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Lufthansa will supply all 19 Boeing 747-8I aircraft in the new Premium Economy Class.

Jumbo Jet is still in high demand

No matter how the new ZIM seat appeared in practice, marketing has already spread to the Lufthansa range: Lufthansa is not only equipping the future flagship Boeing 777-9 in premium economy class with ZIM specificity, but also the new 787 and A350. Plus, and that makes you sit up and take notice, seats will be installed on all 19 Boeing 747-8I aircraft. A clear indication that the crane has been planning for many years to come with the latest version of the jumbo jet and that the model will play an important role in the fleet in the long run – even if the 777-9 does indeed join the fleet as planned from 2023.


In Switzerland, a premium economy would look like this. The additional flat backrests for ZIM privacy are clearly identifiable.

Also Swiss with premium economy class

The same appears to be true of the Swiss subsidiary of the A340-300. Swiss will also offer Premium Economy to its fleet in the near future, and in this context the Boeing 777 and A340 will also get ZIM exclusivity. According to a ZIM press release, the Swiss want nine A330s to be equipped with the new product. The first transfers are scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

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