Ubisoft Mainz presents the first concrete information on new information Green Game Jam script for Anno 1800, which will be available for free to all players as part of Update 13 on December 14th. In the script she plays the role of the famous Isabel Sarmiento, who receives an urgent message from Yaosca Rodriguez. So you can end the occupation of the Porphyry Islands, but there are still many buildings and factories that are harmful to the ecosystem. A contaminated generator is the main culprit. Your task is to remove the traces of the occupation and build a dam with a hydroelectric power station.

For the scenario, you have to rethink your strategy, how you plan for the city. For example, building materials will no longer be compensated if buildings are demolished. In addition, the buildings can no longer be moved. The chart mode of settlement planning is still available to you. “While Eden ends up in a meeting of the New World with two social classes (Jornaleros and Obreros), we make some changes to their needs: Their first need is water, which is supplied by a pump that resembles commoners construction work. You later have to provide them with fish, bananas, and tools before it is done. upgrade them,” the developers wrote.

Pay attention to the ecological balance

Oberos want coffee pots and atole, among other things. Mechanisms such as affect and satisfaction are not relevant to the scenario and thus are disabled. The real challenge should be the life cycle assessment, which shows the health status of your island. They are divided into categories of water quality, soil quality and air quality. You have a direct impact through your actions, the health bar shows the current state of the balance sheet. The developers continued: “The biggest culprit in the beginning is the Peruvian ruins scattered all over the island. Removing them not only improves the ecological balance, but also creates valuable building space. However, this costs time and parts of your manpower, which is in line with the needs of The regular production you have to achieve.”

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It should be noted, among other things, that fishing has a negative impact on water quality and that the trees that were cut down are no longer planted by lumberjacks. In addition, all kinds of industries are also detrimental to your ecological balance. You should also avoid grouping all farm buildings of one type around a trading room and warehouse, since monoculture affects the quality of the soil. Therefore, it is preferable to build farms of different types next to each other. Also note that the number of trees is not only limited, but mines and mud pits are no longer endless. You should also keep an eye on the fish populations. In the new Anno 1800 scenario, you have to keep the environment intact.

craft items

In the port, you can use the Research Center to create useful items for the challenge. With this, you can, for example, reduce the environmental impact of the building or increase productivity. However, you should pay attention to the defects of the elements. Other elements are in turn blueprints with which to unlock new buildings. There is also a water treatment system with which you can improve water quality. To replenish resources, you can also access items. For example, you are building forests for trees. If you fail the scenario and replay it, you can build on some of your past accomplishments.

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New DLC “Plant a Tree”

With Anno 1800 . version (Buy now €23.99 /€21.99 ) Updates 13 and the new “Plant a Tree” cosmetic DLC are also available for download. Money from this expansion will go to Ecologi, a tree-planting social enterprise. The DLC, available for €2.99, adds a new tree decoration to the Anno 1800 based on the Ceira tree that you can find on Green Game Jam Island. The entire net proceeds of the expansion (at least 1 euro) must go to Ecologi. The expansion is supposed to be available for purchase by the end of March 2022, after which it will be removed from the Ubisoft Store. With the update at the end of 2022, the decoration should be available to all players for free. Developers provide insights into new content in the next stream. For 2022, they announced Season Pass 4 and three additional expansions for the Anno 1800.

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