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Pokémon GO: The Great Halloween Event Guide

Pokémon GO: The Great Halloween Event Guide

Halloween is one of the annual matches on the event calendar of many games. The hit smartphone “Pokémon GO” is no exception as it reliably delivers fresh content around the fall event each October. Pocket monsters of thematically appropriate genres, ghosts and darkness, can be found more and more, and some creatures even sparkle – for example, the iconic Pikachu can now be discovered and captured in disguise.

An integral part of almost every event in “Pokémon GO” is a new series of quests, the completion of which brings players some rewards. For Halloween, developer Niantic offers coaches two of these mission lines and adds some field research that players can unlock as they explore their surroundings. What quests do ghost hunters expect this year and are they worth completing?

Quests and Rewards: Beyond the Mask

The first step:

  • Catch 40 Pokemon of the type Ghost: 400 Stardust
  • Send Nine Pokémon: Meet Twilight (could be shiny)
  • Land 49 good throws: Nine excessive balls
  • Reward for completing the step: Nine nanostructures, encounter with

The second step:

  • Catch 40 Ghost-type Pokémon: Hut-Pikachu Encounter (can be shiny)
  • Nine Globe Throws: 490 Stardust
  • Use 49 pills to catch Pokémon: Banette Encounter
  • Reward for completing the move: nine berries, a Galar-Makabaja showdown and 4,000 XP

Third step:

  • Catch 40 Pokemon of the type Ghost: 400 Stardust
  • Catch nine different types of Ghost-type Pokemon: Meet Alolan Knogga (can be shiny)
  • Land 49 Great Throws: 49 Poké Balls
  • Reward for completing the move: Nine Snana beads, encounter with Galar-Makabaja and 4,000 XP
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The fourth step:

  • Get the reward: 49 XP
  • Get your reward: 490 XP
  • Get your reward: 4,900 XP
  • Reward for completing the move: 13 Macabaya Candy and 4,900 Stardust

So far, Galar-Makabaja has only been caught during last year’s Halloween event. Anyone who has started using “Pokémon GO” in the meantime can add it to their collection for the first time as part of the current Quest. The high requirements of the quests do not need to deter anyone: the special quest has no time limit, so Pokémon trainers of all experience levels can complete quests at their own pace.

Quests and Rewards: Halloween Cup

  • Battles in GO Battle League: Showdown with Zobiris (can be shiny)
  • Fight five times in GO Battle League: Showdown with Makabaja (can be shiny)
  • Win a boss match in GO Battle League: Quabbel vs.
  • Win four training battles in GO Battle League: Night Macaw Encounter
  • Win seven training battles in GO Battle League: Galar-Makabaja Encounter
  • Reward for completing all tasks: 15 Makabaya candies, 15 Zobiris candies and 15 Zurrokex candies

The developers recently announced a world championship for “Pokémon GO” and they want to focus more on the competitive element of the game. The Halloween Cup quest aims to motivate more players to participate in the Battle League. But the rewards for now are a little meager: only receiving the Galar-Makabaja stands out as an attractive bonus – a welcome bonus for Battle League fans. This series of missions is still available in-game until October 31.

Exclusive Field Research: Halloween Event

  • Catch Nine Pokémon: Meet Mollimorba or Traumato (could be shiny)
  • Catch five Ghost-type Pokemon: face Hut-Pikachu (can be shiny) or Hut-Piplup (can be shiny)
  • Catch 15 ghost-type Pokémon: Meet Drifzepeli (can be shiny)
  • Catch 25 Ghost Pokemon: Meet Galar Makabaya
  • Three Throws: Showdown with and Bless (Could be Shiny)
  • Send three gifts: Meet Zubat (can be shiny) or Fleknoil (can be shiny)
  • Rotate photo discs for three Pokéstops or arenas: Face Webarak (can be shiny)
  • Rotate photo discs for seven Pokéstops or arenas: special treats
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This year’s Halloween event doesn’t offer any premium field research for veterans, but it does contain useful bonuses for new Pokemon trainers: powerful samples from Traumato and Drifzepeli expand the influence of GO Battle League teams, Galar-Makabaja remains rare and dazzling variants (the so-called “Brilliant versions”) of masked pocket monsters are always a high priority for collectors. So these missions are at least worth researching.


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