Home Tech Buy PS5: Amazon ends show drought – so it will last into 2022

Buy PS5: Amazon ends show drought – so it will last into 2022

Buy PS5: Amazon ends show drought – so it will last into 2022
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The past few weeks have been disappointing for the PS5 on Amazon. But it is now approaching 2022 and the situation could improve.

Update from 02/01/2022: New consoles on Amazon on January 3rd? There is currently a lot of speculation about this on the scene. According to insider reports, there are still 15,000 unsold PS5 consoles in the world’s largest mail order company. The last drop on December 28th was probably smaller than expected. For the new week, the chances of getting supplies from Amazon are pretty good.

However, it remains questionable whether this will go directly over the digital counter on Monday. Amazon tends to sell the PS5 more in the middle of the week and a lot less at the start of the new week. According to statistics, Wednesday and Friday are the most popular PlayStation sales days for the charging giant. However, you should keep an eye on Amazon tomorrow.

Hamburg – The Sony PS5 hasn’t been sold on Amazon for weeks. We had to wait about two months for supplies. Then there were finally consoles, but the amount was rather small and within a few minutes everything ran out again. Since then, you haven’t heard anything from Amazon, but the next renovation may be due soon. We’ll let you know the current renewal status on Amazon and when there may be new consoles.

Buy PS5: Amazon as a revamping giant – drying up in the past few weeks

When was the last time you got a renewal from Amazon? The consoles were last on Amazon on December 28. Sold. But there was only a relatively small drop with around 5,000 PS5. This was Amazon’s first renewal since October, which is why the disappointment about the scale of the drop has been somewhat disappointing. All important links to buy PS5 on Amazon can be found here:

When do you expect new consoles? Insiders reported after Christmas that Amazon will ship about 20,000 consoles. But only about 5,000 PS5 have been sold. If you believe the insiders, then 15,000 PS5 must still be absent from Amazon warehouses. Thus, an early decline can be envisaged.

In general, until October, Amazon was famous for selling new consoles several times a month. This was followed by a two-month dry period, but it could now finally come to an end. We expect Amazon to sell new PS5s very early in January.

Amazon landing days are mainly Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays. Supplies are always available between 9:00 AM and 10:15 AM. So keep your eyes open, especially these days, because Amazon remains a hot candidate for the PS5 revamp.

Buy the PS5: Amazon with supplies before the end of the year – so it’ll run into 2022.

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Buying PS5: Important Tips for Buying a Console on Amazon

This is how you can access your PS5 on Amazon more easily: In most cases, the PS5 is only sold to Prime customers on Amazon. So if you want to strike here, you need an Amazon Prime account. It is also worth adding the controllers to your wishlist. That should also increase the chances.

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Also, make sure that you’re not buying the PS5 from third-party suppliers on Amazon, but directly from Amazon itself. Third-party suppliers use drops to showcase their expensive consoles. On Amazon itself, the PS5 can always be purchased at the regular prices of €399 (digital version) and €499 (disc version). We’ve summarized the general situation around the PS5 in another article.

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