The former captain of the Red Devils suffers a stroke
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Shocking news at the turn of the year: Lanny Gahr, captain of EC Bad Nauheim and still active in the German Ice Hockey League 2, is at Hof Hospital.

Lanny Gere of the second-tier ice hockey team Silber Wolf is at the Hof Clinic. The 43-year-old suffered a stroke on New Year’s Eve morning, just hours after he and his team were standing on the ice against Lausitzer Füchse. “His wife Joanna responded quickly and correctly, ensuring the best possible medical care from the emergency services,” reads a press release from the DEL2 club.

Over the course of his long professional career, Lanny Gare has formed EC Bad Nauheim by sport for four years. From 2008 to 2012. He was the Red Devils’ top scorer, captain, and League Player of the Year, and quickly became a crowd favorite at Colonel Knight Stadium. Born in Canada and a father of two, he was promoted to DEL2 with Selber Wölfen in the spring of 2021 and is the oldest player in this league. Jarr said in an interview with our editorial team in May last year that he wanted to add another season. “But I don’t have to be the top scorer, I want to lead the young players, win matches, and do my defensive duties.” “I want to enjoy every day.” Gere has not scored a goal in 13 games this season, but he managed to score four.

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