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New Nord Stream 2 | Called USA to work immediately in

New Nord Stream 2 |  Called USA to work immediately in

Washington On Thursday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called on all companies to work on the pipeline immediately to embark on the Nord Stream 2 project. He said the administration of new President Joe Biden would like to respect two rules regarding sanctions on companies involved in construction.

The North Stream 2 m of natural gas flows from Russia to Germany at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The United States justifies its negative attitude towards the gas pipeline with the fear that Russia will depend on Europe for gas.

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However, the company involved in the Nortstream 2 project is under threat of US sanctions and should immediately stop work on the pipeline, Blinken said. He noted that the US government is monitoring efforts to complete the project and is evaluating information about the companies involved in the project.

According to the minister, the gas pipeline is a Russian geopolitical project whose goal is to divide Europe and weaken European energy security. As for the president, North Stream 2 is a good deal – for Germany and Ukraine, and for our allies and partners in central and access Europe, Blingen said.

The 1,200-kilometer pipeline will carry 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Europe. Now the submarine Nortstream gas pipeline, operating since 2011, has the same capacity. Gas from the North Stream 2m project can also be used by the Czech Republic, which is connected via the new Eugene gas pipeline.

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